Our mission at Sharon Bailey Network – Insurance div. is to educate and protect the health and wealth of families. Using insurance and financial products we help families realize their financial security goals and be worry free.

Enjoy a free no obligation quote. We offer free education and training about life insurance and related products so you can protect and secure your families future.


Life insurance and investments

We offer Free information sessions and products about:

Life insurance – Life and critical illness, joint life insurance, term life insurance, permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, mortgage life insurance, no medical exam insurance, seniors life insurance, guaranteed life insurance, funeral insurance, accidental death insurance,

Investment and retirement – Annuities, segregated funds, wealth management, financial planning

Travel Insurance -Travel insurance

Health insurance – Critical illness, disability insurance, long term care insurance, health and dental insurance

Are you a working or self employed person with a  family looking for disability protection, long term security, financial security?

Our life insurance products and services allow you to :

  • Pay off your debts and mortgage
  • Create an education fund for your children’s future
  • Create a reserve fund to replace lost income when you need it most
  • Cover taxes and capital gains taxes related to estate planning
  • Give your estate maximum value

At Sharon Bailey Network-Insurance division we have such a unique approach and it has served us well. When an agent comes out to meet you, their primary focus is to educate you and answer all your questions. We do not believe in a ‘sales pressure’ approach and that is what sets us apart from the competition.

Through education and training we introduce a number of products and services that can eliminate your worry about the future, protect your family and make you financially secure.

Why buy Insurance through our agents and brokers?

  • Experienced Advisors:  Our experienced advisors have advice you can trust
  • Easy to Understand:  Our coverage is easy to understand and can be customized to fit your budget
  • No Hassle:   We offer a no hassle review period of 30 days
  • Affordable Coverage: Disability premiums for injury-only coverage can start as low as $ 11 per month
  • No Medical Exam Required: We offer No Medical Exam required products for sickness and injuries or injury only
  • Easy to get started: Just fill out the form ‘Get my free quote’ and a specialist will get back to you quickly
  • Join 17.5 million Canadians who already have insurance products and are protecting their families future.

When you request a free life insurance quote you will receive:

A free information webinar on term insurance.

As an added bonus you will also receive a Free information webinar on Permanent insurance

Act now and you will also receive A free webinar on Disability insurance

Our Guarantee:

At Sharon Bailey Network – Insurance, we guarantee you will receive a free no obligation quote and that your coverage and premiums will be guaranteed for the entire term.  Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. To ensure you are completely satisfied we offer a no hassle review period of 30 days. Guaranteed.

Our products provide you with a secure financial future, safeguards against health issues, disabilities and the unexpected while guaranteeing coverage and premiums for the entire term.