We understand the complexities involved when searching for that ideal candidate.

  • Screening through the resumes from the butcher, the baker , and the candlestick maker that applied for your Director of Finance Position.
  • Wondering if the interview questions you are asking are in violation of the candidates rights

Well, let us ease your worries. With over 20 years of experience

“We take the Hassle out of the Hunt!”.

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Top 4 Reasons Why we are So Good at What We Do

We are All Ears

If you are speaking, we are listening as we help you craft the success profile of your ideal candidate for your job opening. Call us today and get started. (647) 558-7491 Ext 4689

Quality Candidates

Our quality candidates approach us every day through social media, posts, contests and even live events. Though most of our candidates are looking for a lateral or promotional move from their current positions all our candidates can definitely hit the ground running. Call us (647)558-7491 Ext 3715

Expert Match Makers

There is nothing more satisfying than bringing you the perfect rockstar candidate that fits your needs and seamlessly blends with your current team. When our  clients tell us that they are so glad our candidates are here, we know it is a job well done. What better way to build a great business. Let us find the match for you. Call us (647) 558-7491 Ext 2

Screening Process

Our multi-level screening process sets us above the competition.  When you want the best without the liability call us and rest assured. (647) 558-7491 Ext 3715

We are amazing listeners and listen almost twice as much as we talk. What you have to say is just that important to us. Just Call us and tell us about the candidate you have in mind and we will find them for your open position. Call us today (647)558-7491 Ext 4689 .

Our Quality and Qualified candidates are awaiting your open job positions. Let us introduce you to our pool of qualified candidates and consider your open job posting filled. Call us today! (647) 558-7491 Ext 3715

Our Multi-level screening process allows you to have the best candidates for your open positions. Call us today! (647) 558-7491 Ext 2

Our Match Makers love what they do. If only dating was this easy! 🙂  Call us today for the perfect candidate for your open job posting.  (647) 558-7491 Ext 2